In this article, you'll learn:

  1. What Checkout Questions are;

  2. How to create and add Checkout Questions to your Checkout; and

  3. Where to review Guest answers to your Checkout Questions

What are Checkout Questions ❓

With Tashi, in addition to the standard guest details and contact information, you can ask your Guests additional questions as part of your online booking process.

Example Questions to ask your Guests include:

  1. Do you have any dietary requirements?

  2. What are your flight arrival details?

  3. What's your t-shirt size?

They're a great way to gain additional information about your Guests, and you're in control of where in the Checkout they appear and how they look.

There's no limit to what questions you can ask with Tashi's flexible Question builder, so what and how you ask is up to you!

How to create and ask Custom Questions πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ

You can create overal Default questions that are asked on every Product or create questions specific to a Rate within a Product.

Adding Default Questions

To add default Checkout Questions go to: Experiences -> Settings -> Checkout Questions

The Checkout Question Builder


  • You can add different steps within your checkout with the Steps builder.

  • Your Checkout Questions live inside each Step.

  • You can have one or multiple steps according to your needs.

  • Click 'Create Step' to create different Steps within your Checkout.

  • You can re-organise the order of the Steps by dragging and dropping them within the Checkout Question builder.

Checkout Questions

  • Click 'Create Question' to add a new Question.

  • You can ask a question specific to each Guest and make them required

  • There are different Question types, such as

    • Standard Text input

    • Long text input

    • Email /phone/ number input

    • Checkbox

    • Dropdown with options

    • Datepicker

    • Rich text editor, where you just want to state something

Pro Tip πŸ’‘: (Optional) Conditional Logic

You can use the powerful conditional logic function to only show a Question based on the answer to a previous question.

Using Checkout Questions for a Product /Rate

To use your Checkout Questions for a Product/Rate, add them from the 'Questions' tab in the Rate editor.

You can choose to use all of your default questions, or you can choose to use a selection of them or create custom Checkout Questions for this Rate.

Choosing 'Use Custom'

The 'Use Custom' feature lets you toggle on the default questions you want to use and create new Steps and Questions for this specific Rate using the builder.

Where to review your Guest's Answers πŸ“–

Answers are automatically added to the 'Questions' tab in each Booking.

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