This article will help you understand your Tour Settings and how to configure them. There are two sections of the Settings, (a) Business and Finance Setup and (b) Booking Widget Options.


Business and Finance Setup

Set up your Online Payments and Tax Settings in this section.

Online Payments

Our system smoothly integrates with numerous online payment Gateways that enable you to collect payments online. To set it up, select your preferred Payment Gateway from our Dropdown list and enter the related Publishable and Secret Key information to connect our system to your Payment Gateway.

Pro Tip 💡: Make sure to tick the 'Enabled?' box to turn Online Payments on.

Tax Settings

Tick the boxes to enable your relevant taxes in the Tax Settings tab. The available taxes in this section will be automatically populated from the Taxes you set up in Back Office -> Settings -> Tax Details

Read More: Don't know how to set up your taxes? Read ➡️  HERE


Booking Widget Options 

Communication Settings

Use the Communication Settings to configure how you want to respond to Confirmed Bookings from your Online Booking Engine.

  1. The Booking Confirmation Text is the message that the Guest will see once they have confirmed their booking.

  2. The Booking Confirmation Email is the email template that will be sent automatically to the Guest who has made the booking.

  3. The Booking Notification Address is the email address that should also receive a confirmation of the booking, for example, you as the business owner or someone else in your team.

Display Settings

Use the Display Settings to configure the appearance of your Tour Listing widget. You have the following options:

  1. Show the Gallery images for the Product in a slideshow at the top of the Tour Listing.

  2. Show the applicable taxes in the Booking Summary that the Guest sees.

  3. Choose the colour that you want the main buttons in the Tour Listing widget to be. Pro Tip 💡: We recommend choosing a colour that matches the main colour theme of your website. 


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