This article will teach you how to use your Tours Calendar to view your upcoming Bookings and Departures.


What information is on the Tours Calendar? 📆

When you add Bookings and scheduled Departures, you can view them on your Calendar. You can display your Bookings and Departures how you prefer (read ⬇️), and you can also navigate between the periods to view past and upcoming periods.


Display Options for the Tours Calendar 

You can filter your view by the following options:

Filter by Bookings - Departures with Bookings / All Departures?

You can choose to see all of your planned Departures, which you have created.

Learn more: Don't know how to create a Departure? Read ➡️ HERE.

Filter by period - Month/Week/Day/List

You can choose to view your Bookings and Departures according to the Month, Week, Day or as a List.

Filter by Departure Type - Any/ Private / Open

View your all Booking Departures, or choose to view just the Private of Open ones that you have scheduled. 


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