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How to add, update and delete payments for your bookings

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You can track the full history of all payments made and those still owning for each Booking in the Payments tab of every Booking modal.

This article will teach you:

  1. Where to view your Payments

  2. How to add new payments

  3. How to update payments

  4. How to generate and send payment receipts and invoices.



Viewing Payment information by Booking

To view payments information booking, click on the 'Payments' tab of each Booking.


How to Add Payments

You can add payments two ways:

  1. Online payments will be automatically added to bookings if they are made online.

  2. You can manually add Cash, Credit Card, OTA or other payments to a Booking.


How to Update Payments

You can add the following information to your payments:

  1. Type - Online/ Cash/ OTA (online travel agent) / Credit Card / Other

  2. Status - Paid or refunded

  3. Amount - Choose your currency and amount

  4. Date - When you received the payment.

  5. Bank Account - Name of the bank account you received the payment into.

  6. Note - Any notes you want to make about it.

  7. Advanced - You can add specific receipt information here for your internal references if required.


How to create and send receipts and invoices

To create, print or email a copy of the Booking invoice, that includes payments made, just click 'Create' in the Payments tab.


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