Tashi's Booking Engine helps you get paid online. You can get paid directly through one of our payment gateway partners or via direct bank transfer.

🚨You're 100% in control of your money as all payments you take online will go directly to you. Tashi does not first take the payments from clients and then pass it on.

In this article you'll learn:

  1. Where to set your online payments

  2. How to start accepting online payments

  3. How to connect your payment gateway; and

  4. How to know when online payments have been correctly set up.



Where to set up online payments

To set up your online payments, you can select your preferred payment gateway from Tours -> Settings -> Business and Finance Setup.


How to accept online payments

To use online payments with Tashi, you must sign up for an account with one of our three payment gateway partners. We've partnered with these three major global online payment gateways because they're trustworthy and secure.

  1. Stripe - popular in North America, Europe and Australia/NZ. Stripe is available in 39 countries, check them out here.

  2. Flutterwave - the best solution for African businesses. It's available in 48 countries, check them out here.

  3. Razorpay - Specifically for India, check them out here.

Once you've signed up with your best payment gateway solution, you'll need to obtain your account's 'Public Key' and 'Secret Key'.

The 'Public Key' and 'Secret key' are the codes that you'll enter in Tashi to connect your Tashi Booking Engine to your payment gateway so that when clients pay online the funds go directly to you.

Top Tip 💡: If you don't see your preferred payment gateway here, not sure which one to choose or how to sign up for them, Ask Us! We're very familiar with the process and happy to help.


Connecting your Payment Gateway

Once you've signed up for a payment gateway you're ready to connect it to Tashi. Follow these five steps

  1. Go to the 'Online Payments' section in Tours-> Business and Finance Set up.

  2. Select your preferred Payment Gateway from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter your 'Public Key' and 'Secret Key' codes.

  4. Tick the 'Enabled?' box; and

  5. Click Save to complete the process.


How do I know if the Payment Gateway is set up?

If the payment gateway is set up correctly, clients will be asked for their credit or debit card details when they click the 'Pay and Confirm Booking' button in the Payment step of the checkout.


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