Tashi helps you build, customise and send personalised itineraries and proposals that impress.

Perfect for tour operators and travel advisors that offer itineraries that are tailored to each client, Tashi Quotes is perfectly integrated with our Enquire Now forms and Bookings so it’ll save you tons of time!

You can convert your Enquiries into personalised Quotes, and when the client confirms and books, these bookings automatically appear in your Bookings calendar.



Preparing the Quote 📆

Before creating as Quote make sure that you've done the following

  1. Obtain the client's contact information.

  2. Create the Tour Product that the Quote relates to (Learn how).

  3. Create the Departure date that the Quote relates to (Learn how).


Creating a Quote ➕

Click 'Create Quote' to start. You'll find it in Tours-> Bookings->Quotes


Information required to create a Quote ✍️

Select or complete the required information:

  • Tour product name - this can be a standard or custom tour product.

  • The planned Departure - remember to create this beforehand.

  • Quote name - this can be an internal name or reference for the quote.

  • Quote expiry date

  • The total number of Guests and the Guest types

  • A message for the Quote recipient - make this a personal message to the client

  • The price and whether a tax will apply.

Pro Tip💡: For the price, you can use the price based on the Tour product's pricing rules, or you can add a custom price for this specific Quote.


Sending and Viewing the Quote 💌

Each Quote has its own unique URL that you can share with clients to view and complete their booking. The Quote is online, mobile-friendly and full bookable.

To generate your unique Quote URL click 'Get Link.'

You can share your link in two ways.

  1. Copy the unique URL and share via your own email, WhatsApp or Message.

  2. Email the Quote directly to the client by Clicking 'Send Quote.' Just enter their email address, the Email Subject Line and a personalised message and the Quote will go directly to the client in an email from you.


What the Client sees 😎

The client will be greeted by a beautiful itinerary page that contains their personalised introduction, product description, a detailed itinerary, a map and the booking terms and conditions.

⭐️ Check out an example Quote page here ⭐️

When they’re ready, they can accept the quote by clicking ‘Book Now’ to confirm their details and make the payment with their credit card. All payments go directly to your bank accounts via your payment gateway.


How a Quote becomes a Booking ✅

Once the Guest clicks 'Book Now' on their Quote and completes the booking, they will automatically receive a booking confirmation email.

For you, once the client has completed the booking, the booking will automatically appear in your Bookings List and Calendar. 🙌


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