Manage your existing Bookings and Add new ones from our Bookings section.

This article will teach you how to 

  1. Create a Booking; and

  2. Update a Booking, with Guest and Payment details and Files.


Creating a Booking

First, click 'Create Booking' in the top left of the page:

Information required to Create a Booking:

  1. Guest information: Add the details of the Main guest to the Bookings and select their Guest Type. You can search for an existing Guest or Create a new one. Don't know how to create a Guest? Read ➡️HERE 

  2. Additional Guests: Add the number of additional guests on the booking. You will add their details in the 'Guests' tab shortly.

  3. Tour: Select the Tour that does the booking relates to.

  4. Departure: Select the existing Departure that the booking relates to, or create a new one. Don't know what a Departure is? Read ➡️HERE

  5. Status: Select if the Booking is Requested, Confirmed, Cancelled etc.

  6. Booking Source: Where did the Booking come from? Was it Direct, from an Agent, from Airbnb etc? Select your source here so you can report on your best Booking sources in future.

  7. Payment Due: When is full payment of this Booking due? 

  8. Tax: Select the taxes that apply the booking, if any. 


Updating a Booking

Once you've add the Booking you'll want to add any Additional Guest details, Payments as they come through and also any Booking or Guest files (e.g. passport or visa scans) that relate to this booking. 

Additional Guests

If there is more than one guest on the Booking, add each additional Guest and select their Guest Type. Don't know how to create a Guest? Read ➡️HERE

Top Tip 💡: You don't have to add all of the Additional Guests when you initially create the booking, you can add (& delete) them at a later time by just clicking on the Booking to edit it.

Learn more: How to manage Guests


To record a Payment to the booking, click 'Add Payment' and enter the applicable information, such as:

  1. The Payment type: Was it Cash, Credit Card, Online etc. 

  2. The Amount and currency

  3. The date of receipt

  4. The status of the payment

  5. The Bank Account it was received into 

  6. Additional information you want to record for reporting purposes

Top Tip 💡: If you're using our Tour Booking Engine with integrated online payments, when a guest books and pays you online, their payment will automatically appear here! 

Learn more: How to manage Payments


To attach files to the Booking, such as the guest's arrival details, dietary requirements, passports or visas, upload the pdf or images in the 'Files' tab.


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