With Tashi, you can use Paypal as your preferred method to get paid online.

Guests can checkout with Paypal or enter their credit or debit card using PayPal's quick checkout gateway.

To start getting paid via PayPal, you'll want to complete the following two steps;

  1. Setup your company PayPal account to facilitate online payments via Tashi

  2. Configure your online payment settings in Tashi

Setup your company PayPal account App

To get paid via PayPal using Tashi, you'll need your Client ID and Secret ID from Paypal.

Pro Tip 💡: You must already have a PayPal account to complete these steps and set up. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can sign up HERE.

Follow these 5 steps to get set up selling via PayPal:

1. Open the following website https://developer.paypal.com and click on "Log into Dashboard".

2. After you have logged in, create a Sandbox Business Account to be able to make test payments later.

3. Once you've created a sandbox account, go to "My Apps and Credentials" in the menu on the left, toggle to the 'Live' tab and then click "Create App."

4. Give your Paypal app a name and click on "Create App".

5. Once the App is created, the next page loaded should display the Client ID and an option (Show) below to see the Secret Key. This is the Client ID and Secret ID that you'll copy into Tashi in the following steps (below).

Configure your online payment settings in Tashi

To start using PayPal as a payment method, go to Experiences -> Settings -> Business and Finance Setup -> Online Payments and select 'Paypal Standard' as your Payment Gateway in Tashi.

Then, complete the following steps:

  1. Tick 'Enabled' to start using the live version of Paypal. Or tick the 'Test Mode' if you want to test the feature before using it with a Live account.

  2. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret that you obtained as part of the PayPal App set up (above)

  3. Choose if you want to use Paypal for online invoice payments too.

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