If you prefer that client's pay via bank transfer or if you can't use one of Tashi's payment gateways then you can still share your bank transfer details with your clients as part of the check out process by using the 'Booking Confirmation text' field your settings.

This article will teach you:

  1. Where to find the Booking Confirmation text field;

  2. How to edit the contents of this field; and

  3. What the client sees when they complete a booking.



Where is Booking Confirmation Options

Your Booking Widget Options are located in Tours -> Settings-> Booking Widget Options.


How to edit the Booking Confirmation Text field

You can customise the message that your client sees when they've successfully completed a Booking using this field. It can say whatever you want and you can format it to suit your preferences.

Therefore, it's a great place to share your business bank account details and the bank transfer instructions to your clients once they've completed their booking.

Learn more: Understand your Tour Settings and how to update them.


What does it look like for the client?

After the client confirms their booking, they see a 'Booking confirmed' section that will contain their unique Booking ID code and the text that you've entered for this field.


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