With Tashi, you can sell the same physical room/bed/home under multiple layouts using our shared inventory feature.

Shared inventory enables you to offer flexible booking options to your guests and helps you maximise your revenue from direct, website and OTA sales.

Examples of shared inventory include:

  • Listing the same room as two different room types: e.g. As a Double or Twin room

  • Selling the same room as both a dorm and a private room; or

  • Selling the whole home or individual rooms with a property

How do I set up Shared Inventory on Tashi?

Using Tashi’s Calendar Feeds feature, you can enable different rooms and room types to share their availability so that if one is booked, the other becomes unavailable.

For example, perhaps you have a property that can be booked by the room or a whole property, with a different price for each configuration.

As it’s physically the same property, if one guest books it as a whole property, guests' availability to book a room during the same dates should be restricted.

3 steps to set up shared inventory

  1. Set up each configuration (e.g. Whole Home / Single Room) as its own Room Type

2. Copy the Calendar feed URL for the respective Rate Plan from one of the Room Types (e.g. Whole Home) and import that into the other Room Type (e.g. Single Room)

3. Repeat that process the other way around - by copying the Calendar Feed URL from the Single Room and importing it into the Whole Home Room Type.

Once you complete this process, when the Whole Home gets a booking, e.g. a 5-day stay, March 1-6, those exact dates will become unavailable in the Single Room’s calendar, Booking Engine, and connected OTA Channels.

Pro Tip 💡: Create a test booking in one of the Room types (e.g. Whole Home), and confirm that the availability has been blocked out in the other Room Type (e.g. Single Room) to ensure that it is performing as expected. Otherwise, you'll increase your risk of overbookings.

Do you want help setting up Shared Inventory for your Property? ✋

We'd be happy to help, just ask us!

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