Room Type vs Rooms
The difference between Room Type and Rooms
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What is the difference between "Room Type" and "Rooms"?

Lets explain the difference between "Room Type" and "Rooms" through an example:

Imagine your hotel has 10 Double Rooms. Each one of these Double Rooms cost the same price and have the same beds and features. In this example, the Room Type would be "Double Room" with 10 Rooms in this Type.

Create "Room Types" and "Rooms" is something that you should only do once.

With this in mind, we have included the setting of "Room Types" in the first time you create your account and you login. We recommend you to set up your Room Types by using this method because you'll have lots of help to get you started.

The other way to create a Room Type is going to Back Office / Rooms.

Click on the "Create Room Type" to create a kind of room.

As we know that it is important that you set up the room types properly, we created an online help you can find in the bottom left of the window by clicking on "Need some help?". This will guide you through everything related to Room Types and Rooms.









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