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Learn how to use Rates to manage the pricing options for your clients

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With Tashi, you can offer multiple prices, packages, and availability options for an Experience with our Rates feature.

💰Rates: Examples

You can use Rates to offer clients different prices depending on the various options you set up. For example:

  1. Offer an Experience that has a Basic versus Premium package, where you're providing a higher level of service for the Premium package. Thus you can price the Premium package as more expensive than the Basic package;

  2. Offer 'Early Bird' pricing for the first 10 clients to book an Experience where you restrict the number of clients that can book at the discounted rate to X only;

  3. Offer different prices for an Experience where one price includes transport (e.g. Airfare) and the other price does not include transport;

  4. Record a Tour's published (Rack rate) price, as well as your Agent or other channel prices in Tashi so that when you record a Booking you're allocated the correct Rate for reporting and payment collection; and

  5. Offer your clients different prices depending on the cancellation policy that they choose. For example, you could offer a cheaper price when clients choose a 'Strict' cancellation policy rate versus a higher one when they choose the 'Flexible' cancellation policy. price to a customer.

How to Add and Edit Rates ✍️

You can add and edit rates for your Experiences in the 'Rates' section when you're adding or editing a Tour Product ( Tours-> Products-> Add/Edit Product).

To add a Rate, click 'Create a Rate.'

Note: Every Tour must have at least ONE Rate for it to be made Active.

What can I edit within a Rate?

You can manage the following items in each of your Product rates

  • Pricing including per Guest type pricing, Tiered pricing, and time/date-based pricing;

  • Availability, including min/max notice periods, departure settings, and day and date based availability settings;

  • Min/Max group sizes; and

  • Payment / Deposit Settings

Rate 'Details' tab Explained 📚

Rate Name: You can give your Rate a Name. This name will be publicly visible to clients if you choose to sell this Rate online.

Set as Default: Choose which Rate you want to set as the default rate for your Experience. The default rate will be the first one shown when making a Booking.

Available Online: Tick this box if you want to offer this Rate on your Website or other online channels. Don't tick this box if you don't want to disclose this Rate publically.

Set as default for online: Tick this box if you want to make this the default rate for the rates you publically disclose.

Rates - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any limits on how many Rates an Experience can have?

No! You can have as many Rates as you like for an Experience.

What's the minimum number of Rates per Experience?

One! You must have at least one Rate per Experience so that Tashi can calculate the price and availability for your Experiences.

Should I use Rates to offer different prices depending on the date of the year?

No! You don't need to create a new Rate to offer date-based pricing. You can use the "Does the price change according to the hour, day, or time of the year? " question in the 'Pricing' section of a Rate to customise the pricing by the day of time of the day, day of the week or dates in the year.

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