Tashi's Tour Product Themes feature gives you the flexibility to present your Tours online in different categories, according to your preferences.

Examples of categories could be:

  • Length: Day Tours, Multi-day Tours etc.

  • Theme: Hikes, Safaris, Walking tours etc.;

  • Country or Region; or

  • Any category you wish.

This article will teach you:

  1. Where to set you custom Tour Product Themes;

  2. How to add a new Product Theme;

  3. How to use Tour Product Themes if you're using Tashi's Website Builder; and

  4. How to use Tour Product Themes if you're using Tashi's Booking Engine



Where to set up your Tour Product Themes

You can add or edit them in your Product Theme section found Tours -> Settings-> Product Themes.


Add your custom Tour Product Themes

To add a new Tour Product theme click 'Create Product Theme' and enter the name of the theme category you wish you create and click save.

You can edit or delete your custom themes at a later stage.


Categorise tour Tour Products into the themes

You can put your Tour Products into your preferred theme via the Tours -> Products -> Distribution -> Themes.


Choosing how to highlight your categories

You can use the Tour themes feature two ways:

  1. When you're using Tashi's integrated Website Builder; or

  2. If you're using Tashi's Booking Engine.


(1) Using Tashi Website Builder

First, set up Tour products themes

If you're using Tashi's Website Builder, make sure that you've selected 'Use Themes in Bookings Engine' box in your Tours-> Settings-> Bookings Widget Options.

Select to show all themes or one of them in the Tour block on your website.


(b) Using Tashi Booking Engine

To display Tour products by theme in your Tours Booking Engine widget select the preferred theme in Step 1 when you are generating it.

Pro Tip 💡: Learn how to use Tashi's Tour Booking Engine HERE.


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  1. How to add a Tour product

  2. Create and manage Tour Bookings

  3. Your Tour Settings explained

  4. How to manage your payments

  5. The 'Enquire Now' engine

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