Tashi’s ‘Enquire Now’ engine is built for tour operators that prefer to accept enquiries on their website or from their agents about the client’s details, preferences and budgets before providing them with a personalised proposal.



How the ‘Enquire Now’ engine works

Tashi’s ‘Enquire Now’ engine enables you, clients, to submit general and tour product-specific enquiries via your website.

- Option A -

General Queries 🤔

If you’re using Tashi’s Website Builder, clients can click the ‘Enquire Now’ button in your header navigation bar to submit a general enquiry.

- Option B -

Tour Specific Enquiries 🏔

Alternatively, clients can submit tour product-specific enquiries on your product pages if you use our Website Builder or Booking Engine.


How to select ‘Enquire Now’ for your Tour

You can select the Booking Method for a Tour Product, visit Products-> Distribution ->Status-> Sell in Booking Engine.


The two different 'Enquire Now’ options

1. Enquiry only 👀

If you don't want to quote any prices in advance, use the simple Enquire Now button to prompt the client to submit their preferences.


2. Enquiry only, with dates and guests selection 📅

If you want to quote a starting price per person for your tour product but need to confirm availability before confirming the booking or want to learn more about the client before finalising the proposal, use the 'Enquire only, with dates and guests selection' widget.


Where do your Enquiries go?

All enquiries flow into your Leads tab of the Booking section for your review (Tours -> Bookings -> Leads).


How to turn Enquiries into Proposals and send Quotes

To learn how to create and send Quotes to watch the video HERE.


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