You can you customise your 'Enquire Now' engine in Tashi so that it looks and feels like your business.

This article will explain:

  1. What you can customise about your 'Enquire Now' engine; and

  2. Where to customise it.



What you can customise on your Enquire Now form 🎨

  1. Colour of the Enquire Now button

  2. Heading

  3. Subheading

  4. Successful submission message



Where to customise your 'Enquire Now' engine

You can customise the heading, sub-heading and the success message for your Enquire Now engine in Tours -> Settings -> Booking Widget Options.


Skip ahead to:

  1. How Tour Quotes works, create and send them.

  2. How the 'Enquire Now' engine works.

  3. Understanding your Tour Settings

  4. How to add a Tour Product

  5. Create and Update Bookings

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