This step by step article will teach you how to use our Website Editor.


How to Launch the Website Editor

To start editing your website, navigate to the 'Website -> Editor' section in your left-hand side Navigation menu.

Top Tip 💡: You must have a paid Subscription or be on a Free Trial to our Website Builder to view and access this section.


How the Website Editor works  

When the Website editor opens, you will be able to view your website on the right of the screen and the structure (Website Blocks) and content of your website on the left of the screen.

You add and combine Website 'Blocks' to build your website. You can use a combination of different types of blocks to make each page on your website.



Editing the content in a Website Block

To edit the content (pictures and text) in each block, click on the Block Title, in the left-hand side menu and the Block will open.

Once it has opened, you can edit each part of the Block. For example, you can add and format text, add pictures and decide where to place the pictures.

The type of content that you can edit includes

  1. The Title of the Block

  2. The Body Text content that will appear in the Block on your website.

  3. The Images (Pictures) that you want to use with this Block.

  4. The Image Position that you want in the Block.

  5. The Header Menu Navigation Title for the block. (Top Tip 💡: This is only applicable if you have a Single Page structured website. Not sure what Single Page structure means? Check out our Website Settings Help page ➡ HERE.


How to Add a Website Block

To add a Website Block to any part of your website, click the '+Add a Block' button in the top left of the left-hand side Editor menu.

When you click '+Add a Block' you will see a drop-down menu of the different types of blocks that you can add.

Scroll to and click on the block you want and the block will then automatically appear at the bottom of the page, as the last block. Move the new Website Block to where you want it by clicking and dragging it up to its preferred position in the page.

___________________________________________________Moving the Website Blocks

Move the location of the Website Blocks by clicking on the Block and dragging it into the order in the page you prefer.


Deleting Website Blocks

To delete a Website Block, click the Red 🗑(bin) icon that is on the right of the Block Title.


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