This article will detail the functions and possible uses for the Website Block you can use to build your website.


The Different Types of Website Blocks

We have several different Website Blocks styles. Most of the Website Blocks can be used by any business, but some are specific to whether you are a Hotel or a Tour Operator.

Top Tip 💡: You should choose the Website Blocks that apply to your business and how you want to style your website. Not sure what ones to use? Just Ask Us for help!


General Website Blocks (For Everyone 😃)

1. Article Block. 

This is the most common Block. You can use it to share information about your business, your destinations or any other information that you want to share. You can add titles, text and images to your Article Blocks.

Add pictures to your site with our Image Gallery. You can add as many pictures as you want. You can choose between a 'List' view or a 'Slideshow' view. Select this option you prefer and remember you can always change it later if you wish.

3. Map

You can add a Google Map to your website that displays your preferred address with this block. To enter your address, type it into the 'Address' field and click the title of the block and the Google Map will automatically update. Once the red pin (📍) has been placed on the map, you can select it and drag it to the most accurate location for your business.

4. Testimonial fullwidth

You can add a beautiful looking Guest testimonial (review) to your website with this block. Enter the full guest testimonial in the content box and add the Guest's information, including their picture. You can also add a background image to appear behind the testimonial.vNote: The design of the testimonial block will depend on the Website Theme that you have selected.5. Testimonial list. Use this block if you want to add multiple Guest Testimonials (Reviews) to your site. For each Testimonial, provide the Guest's Testimonial (Review), including the ⭐️ rating they gave you, and their personal information so that your website visitors can read how fantastic your business is! You can add ads many testimonials as you want by clicking 'Add Testimonial' in the block.

6. Slides

These blocks let you create text and picture content that appears in a slider format. Click on the Slide title to open it, and for each slide, you can add Text and an Image. Note: You can format the text so that you have a title and paragraph text. You can add as many Slides as you want, click 'Add a Slide' to add one.

7. Contact

Add a Contact Us form to your site with this Block. You can add a custom message in the Block, the preferred email recipient of the message and that 'Success' message that the Guest will see after they send their message.

8. Intro

The Intro block is typically used as the first block on the website. It enables you to present a Heading, a Sub-heading, a Background image and also a 'Book Now' Bar to encourage guests to check your availability and book online.

9. Advanced HTML

This block offers you the chance to insert custom HTML code into your website so that you can add feature and elements not currently possible with our blocks. Usually, you get this code from a Developer or an experienced website designer.

10. Box Grid

The Box Grid block allows you to display different Boxes of content in a Box Grid style that when click sends the Guest to a new page. You can add a Title, Description, Image and the intended Link. Use this Block to highlight the different features of your business or the destinations where you operate, for example.


Hotel specific Blocks

1.Rooms List

If you're a Hotel, Lodge, Hostel or Homestay use this Block to show your Room Types on your website. The room information displayed is automatically taken from the Room Types information you added (Back Office -> Room Types). You can add a Title to this Block along with an introductory description, and you can also choose to show the Room Types in 2,3 or 4 per row.

2. Hotel Amenities

Use this Block to highlight the Guest Amenities you have in your property. The Amenities shown are automatically taken from the Amenities information you added (Back Office -> Settings -> Amenities). You can add a Title and introductory description to this Block.


Tours and Activities specific Blocks

1.Tour list

If you're a Tours or Activity provider, use this Block to show your products on your website. The Product information displayed is automatically taken from the Tour Products that you have already added (Tours -> Products). You can add a Title and introductory description to this Block and choose between a 2,3 or 4 row Tour block. 

Top Tip 💡: The Tour must have all its information added and have an 'Active' status. (Not sure what 'Active' status means? Learn how to add your Tour Products ➡️ HERE )


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