This article will teach you how to customise your website settings to suit your brand and business. 



Website Domain

We provide you with instructions about how to point your website domain to our system. Enter your owned website Domain (URL) and update the A records in your hosting provider to the IP address shown here for your site to go Live.

Top Tip 💡: some people have difficulty with this, so if you don’t know how to do this. Just ask us, and we’ll be happy to help!

Site Structure

You can choose between having a Single page or a Multi-page website.

Single page: This is where all your website information is on one page and the user scrolls down the page to view it all. This is the best structure for when you don't have a lot of information to share about your business, destinations or products.

Multi-page: This is where you have multiple website pages that a user can navigate to from your the header navigation menu at the top of the page. This is a good structure to have if you have a good amount of information about your business, destinations and products, as you don't want to have too much information on one page alone.

Top Tip 💡: To Add Pages to you site, click 'Add Page' in the 'Editor' page in the Website section.

Book Now Button - Yes/No

You can choose to have a BOOK NOW button at the top right of your website if you wish. Select your preference here, depending on if you want one or not and if you are a hotel or a tour operator.

Top Tip 💡: You can change your set up at any time so, if you're unsure what one to use, we suggest starting with the single page structure at the start and moving to a multi-page one later as you add more information to your website.




We have 5 beautiful website themes to choose from. We encourage you to test each of them out and select the one you prefer. 

To switch between each of them, just tick the one you want to see, click Update at the bottom of the page, and refresh your preview site to view the new design, it's that easy!

You can upload your logo and customise it's size here. We encourage you to upload a .png file with a transparent background so that it is clearly visible for your website visitors.

Colors and Fonts

Each theme comes with recommended colors and fonts. However, you can customise your them to your preferences.

Top Tip 💡: We recommend matching the website colors and fonts to your brand identity and logo.


Additional Information

Enter the full URLS for your social media links (e.g. for your accounts in the relevant fields here. We automatically include the social media links for those accounts that you have provided in your Contact Us and Footer sections of the site. We do not show the icons for those that you have left blank.

You can also add in the information that will appear at the bottom of each page of your website, in your left and right-hand side footer. You can enter any information here, but we suggest you enter your company's name and address,, business registration number and contact information.

Site Translations

You can have a two language version of your website if you wish. If you select another language, for example, Spanish, then in your Website Editor, you can build pages and add content (text and pictures) for this other language version of your site.


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