With Tashi, you can upsell your guests with extra products and services as part of the booking process.

This lets your guests add items on top of the experience that they're booking and helps you maximize your booking cart size.

What can my Extras be?

You can upsell your guests on almost anything you want! Examples include

  • Airport pick-up or transfers to/from your Experience

  • Upgrades to the Experience, such as premium accommodation

  • Equipment Rental, such as snorkelling gear

  • Meals or drinks such as breakfast or lunch

  • Clothes like branded t-shirts or hats.

This article will teach you how to:


Add your Extras πŸ•

To add the Extras you want to sell, go to Back Office -> Shop Products and click 'Create Product.'

You'll want to add all possible Extras to this list. Then, when you're adding or editing your Tour products, you can choose what Extras apply to that particular Tour (See Step 2 below).

The Details

When adding your Extra product, you have a few configuration options:


  1. Name (Required): This is the name that will be visible by the guest when booking;

  2. Amount (Required): This is the cost in your preferred currency for 1 unit of the item.

  3. Sell in Widget: Are you selling this Extra in your Booking Engine? If so, select Yes here. Select No, if you don't want to list this Extra for sale publically.

  4. Stock Level: If you have a limited number of these items, you can determine how many are in stock.

  5. Accounting code: You can give the item an accounting code for reporting purposes.

  6. Active: Is this item an 'Active' extra or not;

  7. Usage: Is this item for sale, or you're just recording it as part of your internal supplies. If you're selling this item as an Extra, it'll be 'For Sale.'

  8. Tax: If there's a tax applicable to this Extra, you can link it here;

  9. Group: You can select what category of Extra this item is in for reporting purposes.


This is the description that is visible to the guest when booking.


These are the images visible by the guest when booking.

πŸ’‘Pro Tips:

  • To edit your options of Taxes, go to Back Office -> Settings -> Tax Details.

  • To edit your option of Stop Categories, go to Back Office -> Settings - Shop Categories)


Link the Extra to the relevant Experience πŸ”—

You can link an Extra item to its relevant Tour from the Rates tab of the Tour Product edit. Go to Tours- Products-> Rates-> select the Rate -> Extras

πŸ’‘Pro Tip: You need to link each Extra to the relevant Rate plan of the Tour.


What does the Guest see? 😎

After adding an extra item to a Tour, a new tab called 'Extra's will become visible to the guest when they're booking one of your Tour products via the Booking Engine.

There, guests can:

  • View the item's Name, Description, and Image; and

  • Choose the quantity that they want to add to their Booking.

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  2. Understanding your Tour Settings

  3. How to add a Tour Product

  4. Create and Update Bookings

  5. How to create a new Guest (Tours)

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