This article will teach you how to add a new page to your website using the Tashi website builder.


You can choose between two Website Structure options

You can choose between having a Single page or a Multi-page website.

Single page: This is where all your website information is on one page, and the user scrolls down the page to view it all. This is the best structure for when you don't have a lot of information to share about your business, destinations or products.

Multi-page: This is where you have multiple website pages that a user can navigate to from your the header navigation menu at the top of the page. This is a good structure to have if you have a good amount of information about your business, destinations and products, as you don't want to have too much information on one page alone.


How to change your Website Structure

When you first sign up with Tashi, we provide you with a free template website that has a Single page website structure. However, if you decide that a Multi-page structure best suits your business, you can easily change to that by updating the 'Site Structure' section in Website -> Settings.

Click to select the Site Structure you prefer and click Update at the bottom of the Settings page to save your new preference.


Adding new pages to your Website

You add new pages to your website from the Website -> Editor page. Just click the 'Add a New Page' option, give the page a name and URL. Your new page will be added your website instantly.

Top Tip 💡: You can update the page title and URL later at any time, by editing the Meta information for that page. To learn how to use the Meta tab to optimise your Website's SEO, click ➡️ HERE



Rearranging the pages in the header navigation

To re-arrange the order of how your pages appear in your header navigation bar at the top of your website, in the Editor page, just click and drag the pages into the order you prefer.


How to change your Home Page

The coloured house icon indicates your website's 'Home' page just to the right of the page name. If you want to make another page, your 'Home' website page click the house symbol of another page. This page instantly becomes your new 'Home' page.


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