To get started a new Website from Tashi, you can sign up for a Free Trial and start building it yourself, or we're happy to build it for you.


Getting Started: What's needed?

  1. Company details - Name, logo, brand colours, contact information.

  2. Your Domain name. If you don't have one yet, we'll provide you a custom domain as part of our service offering.

  3. Your 'About Us' information. This includes your background, why you exist, where you're based and what your mission is.

  4. Your 'Why Us' information. Provide the 3 reasons they guests should book with you. What makes you special? Make guests feel excited and motivate them to book!

  5. Your product information, such as the Accommodation, Tours, Services that you offer.

  6. Images. High resolution, beautiful pictures are very imporatnt for your website. Get original content if you can, or alternatively, source high quality images from online sources. We can help you get great pictures.

  7. Guest Reviews. You want to be able to showcase reviews from happy guests. You can show reviews from Tripadvisor, Google, Facebook etc. directly, in real time on your website.

  8. Online payments information. If you're already taking payments, we'll inegrate with your provider. If you're not taking them yet, we'll help you get set up.


Ready to start?

When you're ready to start with your new website, complete our New Website Checklist HERE.

We'll take that information and add it to your new website so that you can go LIVE asap.


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  1. How to use the Website Rich Text Editor

  2. The Website Settings explained

  3. How to use the Website Editor

  4. How to create a Website page, using the block builder

  5. Understanding what type of content you can add to your website.

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