Staff Tasks help you and your team keep on top of tasks to be done for Guests and Bookings. 

You can create Staff Tasks for all and any procedures and processes you use to run your business. 

For example, you can create them for Check-in, Check-out, Pre-arrival and in-stay tasks and jobs that you or your staff should perform.

Staff Tasks help you do the following:

  1. Create Staff Tasks for different categories of Task, such as Guest, Booking, Maintenance, Housekeeping.

  2. Attach responsibility to everyone or specific staff members.

  3. Attach a task to a specific Booking

  4. Enter due dates for the Task

  5. Charge for particular Tasks, for example, Guest airport pickups.

Tasks will automatically appear in the Tasks section (top right) of your Front Desk Hub and the Tasks sub-menu so that you can quickly see the tasks (jobs) to be done.


Create a Task

There are two ways to create a Task:

  1. Click 'Create' in the Navigation Header (top right) and select 'Task' to create a Staff Task quickly. 

  2. Go to the Tasks sub-menu of the Front Desk module and click 'Create Task.'


Task Options and Details

You can customise your Staff Tasks for the following details:

(a) Name. Name your Task. 

For example, 'Pick up Ms Shakira at the airport,' or 'Prepare a Vegetarian breakfast for Ms Smith.'


(b) Type. Select the type of Task depending on if it relates to a Booking, Guest, Housekeeping, Maintenance, or if it's a General task. 

NOTE: You can add more types of tasks by going to Back Office -> Settings -> Task Categories and creating new Staff Tasks specific to your business. Read how to complete that HERE or take a Tour of how to Set up a new Staff Task Category.


(c) Responsible. Who will be responsible for ensuring that this Task is completed? You can make everyone accountable, or you can select specific staff members to be responsible. 

For example, 'Andrew' as the designated driver, is responsible for completing the task 'Pick up Ms Shakira at the airport.' 

You can add an unlimited number of staff and manage their permissions to your account to assign tasks to them. Go to Back Office -> Staff to add more staff. Read how to complete that HERE or take a Tour of how to Set up a new Staff and Permissions.


(d) Related Booking. You can link this Task to a specific booking is you wish, or keep it general. To connect the Staff Task to a Booking, enter the name of the Guest or Booking Reference into the 'Find Booking' box to search and select the relevant booking. Bookings will appear automatically as you type.

For example, you can search for the Guest Name 'Shakira' to link the new Task to Ms Shakira's booking.


(e) Due. You can select a Due Date and Time for the Task to be completed if you wish. Alternatively, you can leave this blank.

For example, you can make the Due Date and Time for the new Task to 'Pick up Ms Shakira at the airport,' as 10/09/2019 1.30pm as that is the time and date of Ms Shakira's arrival at the airport.


(f) Description. You can add a short description or note for the Staff Task to provide background information or other information related to the Task.


(g) Charge for this Task. You can choose to charge or not for completing a Staff Task. To charge for a Staff Task, you must first link it to a Booking and tick the 'Charge for this Task' box. 

Once you have ticked the 'Charge for this Task' box, you can select the category of Extra (product/service) the amount and date due for this charge.

For example, you can charge Ms Shakira $20 for the Staff Task of picking him up for the airport. 


Activity Stream

The Activity Stream tab shows you the activities and actions related to each task so that you get full details on the history of this Staff Task to date.

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