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Accommodation, promoting specific Rate Plans
Accommodation, promoting specific Rate Plans

How to promote specific rate plans to Guests on your Booking Engine Widget

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With Tashi, you can promote specific Rate Plans using promo text that motivates the guest to book.

How to add Promo text to your Rate Plans

To add promotional text for a specific Rate open the Room Type and go to Room Rates > select the specific Rate > Advanced tab > Booking engine promotional description.

Your Options

  1. Show promotional description: Toggle this one to use this feature

  2. Promo text colour: Select the colour that the Text will appear in. Test different colours to find the one that works best with your overall Booking Engine widget colour theme.

  3. Enter Promotional Description: add the description you want to appear online here. It’s best to keep this short and to the point!

Pro Tip 💡: Did you know that you can choose how your Rate Plans are displayed on your Booking Engine. You can choose between Dropdown and Radio button style. To learn how see our guide HERE.

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