With Tashi, you have the freedom to charge add Fees to the accommodation booking, as part of checkout.

You could charge a card processing fee, a cleaning fee or a service fee - the opportunities are endless!

These fees are included as part of the total Booking cost and split out in their own section on your Guest's invoices.

In this article, we’ll cover

  1. How to set up your property’s fees

  2. What type of Fees you can charge

  3. Charging Fees on a Booking

How to set up your Fees

Go to Back Office -> Settings -> Fees and click ‘Create Fee.’

What type of Fees you can charge

We’ve designed Fees with maximum flexibility in mind. You can:

  • Charge Fees as a % of the Booking or as a flat amount per Booking.

  • Calculate the Fees charge(s) per Guest

  • Calculate Fees on top of Shop Products (Extras) or you can exclude them

  • Add Taxes to the Fees; and

  • Assign particular Fees to specific Rate Plans.

Charging Fees on Bookings

Fees can be added to Bookings in two ways:

  1. Online Bookings

Fees can be automatically added to the checkout whenever a guest makes a booking via your Tashi powered online booking engine.

2. From the Booking management modal

You can allocate Fees to a Booking at any time via the Booking management model. This gives you the freedom to add fees after the initial bookings have been made.

Simply open the relevant Booking and tick to add or remove a relevant fee.

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