With Tashi, you can provide access to your account for your staff and other users and control their permission levels.

Adding a User Profile

To add access go to Back Office -> Staff -> Create a new Staff Member

Basic information: You'll be asked to provide personal and contact information, including an email address and an initial password. The user can change from their ‘My Account section once they’ve first logged in.

Assign Role: you can provide access to the relevant accounts and assign the appropriate level of user permission.

The Role Permissions Options

  1. No access: The user can’t access the account in any way.

  2. Full Access: Users can access all account sections, including all settings. This is best for senior users in your team, managers etc.

  3. Onboarder: The user can set up a Property and Experiences. This role is best for junior users for setting up properties or experience listings.

  4. Reservations executive: The user can view and manage Bookings, Guests, Payments and communications but can’t access main account settings. This is best for front desk and guest-facing users that don’t require admin access.

  5. Staff member: The user can access all sections of the account but does not have administrator rights. Best for mid-level users who need access to all areas of the account but not the main account settings.

  6. Tasks only: Use can only access the Front Deck Tasks. This is best for junior or external users utilised for housekeeping or minor operational tasks.

  7. Website Editor: The user can only access the standard Tashi website builder. This is best for users who are focused on the website only.

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