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Marketplace, How to use the Nav Builder
Marketplace, How to use the Nav Builder

How to add, edit or delete your Header and Footer Navigation links on your marketplace site

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Note: This article relates specifically to the Marketplace CMS for the Tashi Marketplace Platform and does not apply for the Tashi system for Experience and Accommodation operators.

With Tashi, you control what links appear in your marketplace and the site's Header and Footer navigation sections.

To manage your Header and Footer navigation links in your site CMS, go to Content -> Nav Builder.

How to add, edit and delete Navigation links

  • Click ‘Create a new Navigation link’ to add a new one

  • Click the ‘edit’ button in the Actions column to edit an existing link

  • Click the ‘delete’ button in the Actions column to edit an existing link.

Your Navigation Link Options

When adding or editing a link, you have several options:

  1. Name: Give your Navigation link a name. This is the publicly visible name on your website.

  2. Show in: Choose whether you want to show the link in your Header or Footer

  3. Link type: Choose if you wish to link to an existing page on your marketplace, a custom URL on the site (such as a specific product) or an external sites URL or finally if you want create a dropdown menu item. See the below sections for each type of link

  4. Position: Choose in what order the link will appear in your menu

  5. Open in a new tab: You can choose to have the link open in a new tab or the existing tab when a user clicks it.

  6. Active: If the link is displayed on teh front end.

Creating a link to an existing page

  • Select "Marketplace Page" as Link type

  • Under the "Select Page" dropdown select the page in the marketplace you wish to link to.

  • If the page you want to list to does not appear in the list such as a specific product or blog post, you need to set the Link type to "Link"

Creating a link to a specific entry page or external URL

  • Select "Link" as Link type

  • Enter the URL that you want to link to in the "External Link" field.

  • If it is a link on your marketplace site you do not need the domain included, just everything from the "/" after the domain.

  • For a link to an external site include the entire URL including the https:

Creating a custom dropdown list

You can create your own custom drop down menu items with links to any page or url in the drop down.

  • Select Link type "Dropdown"

  • Select "Custom" as the "Dropdown type"

  • Click "Add a new link" and add in the title and link for the sub item.

  • Add a new link for each item you want to create

Creating a Dropdown list of Destinations or Themes

You can create a drop down list that has all the destinations or themes that you have assigned to show in the top navigation on their edit page.

  • Select the link type as "Destinations", "Themes", "Sub destinations" or "Sub Themes"

  • The all selected type of entries you have checked the option to show in teh nav bar will show in the dropdown list

  • You can add additional custom links below the auto generated list by clicking the "Add new Nav link" button

The following is the checkbox to be checked on the edit destination page to have it shown automatically in a "destinations" type drop down menu.

Header and Footer navigation link lists

The header and footer navigation links are listed as two seperate lists on the main Nav Builder page. There order show shows the order they will be displayed in the navigation.

Note: Only the header navigation can hav drop down menu items.

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