With Tashi, you’re always in control of when listings go live on your marketplace.

Once you or your vendors have completed a listing, they’ll be synced with your marketplace and appear in the list of Properties or Experiences, depending on their listing type.

Auto or Manual Publishing - you decide!

As part of your marketplace set-up, we’ll ask you if you want listings to be automatically published or if you’d like to publish them on your schedule manually.

Regardless of your initial decision, you’ll also have the option to change this preference in the future.

How to Publish or Un-publish Listings


To manually publish or un-publish a property, access the Property from Properties tab of the CMS of your site. In the “Property Details’ tab, use the ‘Suspend this property from marketplace’ checkbox.

To up-publish this listing, tick the box. Or, to publish it, ensure that it’s un-ticked.


To manually publish or un-publish an experience, access it from the Experiences tab of the CMS of your site, and in the “Experience Details’ tab, use the ‘Sell in Marketplace’ checkbox.

To publish it, ensure that it’s ticked, and to un-publish, simply untick this checkbox.

Pro Tip 💡: If you un-publish a listing, then whenever you or a user attempts to visit the URL of the un-published listing because the listing is not live, the site will automatically re-direct to the All Properties or All Experiences page, depending on the listing type.

Therefore, if you find yourself trying to visit a URL and the site keeps redirecting you to all Properties and all Experiences pages, this is a sign that the listing is not live anymore or else there is another issue with the URL.

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