Every Tashi marketplace and advanced website comes with an optional ‘New Partner Application’ page and Submission manager.

Your potential new vendors (suppliers) can submit applications with information about themselves, and you can review them through Tashi.

Editing your Vendor Application page

You can access and edit it from Content -> Other Pages -> Add a Partner.

You can customise the page content and the detail of the questions. At the top of the page, you’ll see the default URL for this page.

You can use embed a link to this URL on your site or on the wider web, and you can also use the Nav builder to showcase the link in your footer or header (learn how).

See some Live examples here, here and here.

Reviewing your Vendor Submissions

You can review all of your vendor submissions in your website’s CMS from the Submissions tab.

Here you can see a list of all submissions, and to view their details, click the edit button. The Submission details page includes all of the information that the vendor provided in their application.

In the Submission info section at the moment, you can attach comments for internal records, market the submission as reviewed and update the application status as required.

NOTE: No automatic actions occur after you’ve reviewed the submission or updated its status. To accept or reject the application, you’ll need to action those steps separately.

Pro Tip 💡: If you want to ask more questions of vendors than are available in our default form, you can embed any external form builder (e.g. Jotform, Typeform etc.) into the Contact Us page and use that page as your Vendor Application page.

If you’re unsure about what approach to take, just ask us! We’re happy to help.

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