With Tashi, you can set up URL redirects to retain any backlinks that you may have on an old platform or URL or to point users to a new version of a prior website page.

Setting up your URL Re-directs

Go to Tools -> Re-router

URL Re-direct options

  1. Permanent (301) redirect: This tells search engines and users the page has permanently moved and ensures they are sent to the correct page.

  2. Temporary (302) redirect: this is a temporary change that redirects both users and search engines to the desired new location for a limited amount of time until the redirect is removed.


  1. You have the exact prior URL

  2. The prior URL is not active

Pro Tip 💡: If you’ve edited the standard URL for your Property/Experience listing on Tashi, you’ll need to set up a Permanent URL redirect to ensure that the correct listing loads when the new URL is loaded.

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