The Back Office settings section allows you to customize your account to your business. 

To understand what each setting option means see the relevant section below.

Rate Plan

Rate Plan allows you to create and manage the rate plans for your various room types. You can also search for different rooms and their consecutive rate plans, or edit them.

For example, you may want to add a Rate plan for Direct Bookings, Bookings you get via an online marketplace (e.g. or other agents that you use.

Business & Finance Setup

Business & Finance Setup allows you to set all the minute details of your clients regarding the payment and finances. 

For example you can set your home currency, mention the percentage of deposit, and also add the channel manager. It makes your financial data easily accessible and stored with all details.

Tax Details:
This feature allows you to add different kinds of tax to various products and services. You can create new sales or booking tax, add options to them to customize them according to your business and edit them as desired.

Booking & Widget:
Booking & Widget allows you to look after the bookings by hour or on a daily basis. It also enables you to edit the structure and options of the Booking widget.
You can also add a second language here and customize everything based on your business needs.

The Payments option allows you to choose the best payment gateway depending on your location. You can also take our assistance if you're having problems setting it up.

Invoice Settings:
Invoice Settings allows you to manage various kinds of invoice and regulating their structures. You have the options of Booking Invoice, Sale Invoice and Payment Invoice.
You can edit them as per your business needs and also include a second currency on the invoice for more convenience.

Staff & Permissions:
Staff & Permissions allows you to manage your staff members and update permissions. You can also create new staff or edit the details of existing ones.
You can also add them to various groups and assign them a role, making your back-end smooth and more efficient.

Exchange Rates:
Manage exchange rates enables you to set a value for different currencies while performing the value exchange.
You can also download the official rates using internet and determine which of the exchange rates you want to keep as active, and which all as inactive.

Hotel Description:Hotel Description allows you to add and edit the details of your hotel and business. You can mention the whole overview as well as add and edit new amenities in this section.

Hotel Address Details:The Hotel Address Details option enables you to add or edit the address and location of your hotel.
You can add the zip code, state and other details to make your address reasonably clear in the Google Map.

Hotel Contact Details:This option allows you to add the complete contact details of your hotel in the website.
You can add your primary and secondary numbers, website, fax number and other social media details. 

Hotel Amenities:The Hotel Amenities option allows you to create new amenities as per your business requirement.
You can also edit  or delete the existing amenities as per your convenience.

Room Amenities:
The Room Amenities option allows you to create new room amenities that you'd like to install in various rooms.
You can also edit or delete one of the amenities.

Guest Interests:
The Guest Interests option allows you to create, delete and modify various activities of interest for the guests.
You can also group various interests under different sections like sports, recreation, personality, etc according to your convenience.

Bank Accounts:
The Bank Accounts option enables you to manage the bank accounts for your business transaction.
You can add a new bank account, edit the details or delete it altogether. You have the option of creating more than one bank account.

Task Categories:
Task Categories lets you create new task categories, edit the existing ones and delete the ones that you don't need.
You can also see all the existing Task categories here.

Bed Types:
Bed Types option allows you to manage the different types of beds that are available in your rooms. You can then select these accordingly when creating your rooms.
You can also create a new type of bed, edit a pre-existing one or delete the ones you are not providing anymore.

Products & Service Categories:
This option lets you manage different product and service categories so that you can organize your products and services under them better.
You can also edit the categories, create a new one, say, for example, beverages under this tool. It also lets you delete the things that are not needed.

Expense Type Categories: (m having doubt)*********

Manage Booking Sources:
Manage Booking Sources allows you to manage the list of booking sources that you have to choose from when recording a new booking.
It helps you in keeping your sources accountable and in preparing better advertising strategies.

Booking Status:The Booking Status option allows you to manage the various booking statuses, like checked in, checked out, requested, etc..
You can create new booking statuses according to your hotel's needs and also modify or delete the older ones.

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