The Hub is similar to the reception of any hotel, giving you a place where you get to monitor and know everything about your business and its engagement in the upcoming days.
The hub has different sections which allow you to access all the bookings, tasks, checking the available rooms, and watch the recent and upcoming activities.


On the upper right side of the screen, a section is dedicated to the tasks that are there. Here you can see the daily Overdue tasks and tick them off one by one once they're completed.


On the upper left side of the screen, you can see the upcoming bookings, and also the option to filter them in three sections, "Bookings that are Checking In today", "Bookings that are Checking Out today", and the "Bookings that are continuing today". You also have the option of creating a new Booking here.


The 'Create' button lies at the upper right corner of the screen. It gives you the option of creating a- Booking, Group Booking, Task, Guests, Note, Expense or Sale. These are the fundamental options for the back end management of your business, and so charted out separately too for optimum efficiency.

Quick Find:

The 'Quick Find' option enables you to find any information quickly for immediate use. It is also helpful if you are having a hard time finding your data.


The 'Availability' option is present beneath the list of bookings. You need to scroll downwards to see it. It allows you to see the booking and availability status of various rooms. You can filter it by date, rate plan and also, the kind of room. 


The next section that comes after 'Availability' is that of 'Activity'. You can have a check on various upcoming activities, and also add other activities that you want to be reminded about.

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