You can create separate accounts for each one of your staff. Also, you can grant certain permissions for each staff member to restrict their use in.

You can find the permissions setting in Back Office / Settings / Staff & Permissions.

The Staff & Permissions window will contain a list of all staff members you've created (active and suspended). You can click on a staff member to edit its details and permissions, or you can create a new staff member by clicking on the "Create User" button.

If you create a new user/staff member, you will need to enter the following data:

  1. First name

  2. Last name

  3. Phone

  4. Email: This will be the username.

  5. Password: This password can be changed by the user, but you can create a strong password to give a good example.

  6. Suspend Account: You can suspend a user's account temporarily by checking this box.

  7. Group: This is the most important setting for each user because it defines the permissions they have. They are listed in order of lower to higher permissions:

  • Staff Member

  • Has access the Front Desk

  • Has access a limited version of the Settings in the Back Office

  • Has access a limited version of Settings in Marketing

  • Has access to edit Social Networks

  • Hotel Owner

  • Has access all

  • Hotel Manager

  • Has access to everything, except Financial Reports.

  • Housekeeping

  • Has only access to the Housekeeping section in the Front Desk.

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