With Tashi, you can add your Google Analytics, Tag Manager code or other scripts to track Google and Bing ad performance and gain further insights into your performance and user interactions on your Booking Engine.

You can add the tracking codes or scripts you want via Experiences > Settings > Booking Widget Options > Analytics

These IDs and codes will be embedded into your Tashi Experiences Booking Engine wherever it is placed, on a Tashi website or any other website platform, it's added to.

Your Options

  1. Google Tag Manager ID: Use this ID placement in collaboration with the Tag Manager interface to record events.

  2. Google Analytics ID: Add your GA ID to track ad and campaign performance. Note: Check that your Google Analytics settings are configured to enable this tracking.

  3. Header and Footer JS: Add any other applicable tracking codes and scripts for your analytics or other programmes.

Pro Tip 💡:

Your ability to record events and capture all analytics via the Tashi Booking Engine may be dependent on the specific tool you're using and its settings.

If you're not getting the expected results, having added your IDs and codes to the Analytics Settings in Tashi, reach out for help. We'll be happy to assist!

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