With Tashi, you can add a beautiful image gallery to your website. A gallery is the perfect way to highlight your experiences or property.

Adding a Gallery to your Website

To add a Gallery, use the 'Image Gallery' block in the website Editor.

Pro Tip 💡: To learn how to use the website Editor and add blocks, see HERE.

You Options:

  • Title: Give your image gallery a title that will appear at the top of the section.

  • Gallery Type:

    • Slider Gallery: One image is shown at a time, auto sliding in/out of the screen.

    • List Gallery: All uploaded images display in a list, 4 images wide.

  • Choose images: Upload the images that you wish to display

  • Navigation Title: Enter the title that will appear in the navigation for this block.

Gallery Types Preview

Slider Gallery example

List Gallery example

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