With Tashi, you can offer different rates for your Rooms, Homes, Beds etc. using our advanced Rate Plan feature.

For the same Room, Home, Bed etc., you could offer early bird discount rates, rates including/excluding breakfast and more!

You can record your different rates in Tashi and choose which rates you want to offer for Direct Bookings via your website’s Booking Engine, sales via OTAs like Booking com or through travel agents.

In this article, we’ll cover

  1. How to set up your Rate Plans

  2. How to set your Rates for each Room, Home, Bed, etc.

  3. What it looks like for the Guests

How to set up your Rate Plans

To set up Rate Plans, go to Back Office -> Rooms -> Manage Rate Plans

In the Rate Plans modal you can create new Rate Plans and edit existing ones.

Pro Tip 💡: Every account on Tashi automatically includes a ‘Default’ Rate Plan, which you can’t delete. You can re-name this Rate Plan or create new ones. But your account must always have at least one Rate Plan, to ensure that other features of your account work as expected.

Your Rate Plan options

  • Name: The name for your Rate Plan

  • Default min/max stay: This is the default minimum and maximum stay required for a guest to book using this Rate Plan. You can override this default at the specific Room, Property, Bed etc. level.

  • Available in Widget: Tick this box if you want to offer this rate on your website or via your Tashi direct Booking Engine widget. You can offer more than one rate via your Booking Engine.

  • Available in Channel Manager: Tick this box if you want to offer this rate via your integrated Channel Manager. You can connect more than one rate to your Channel Manager.

  • Rate Plan Code: Give your Rate Plan a code. Each Rate Plan requires a unique code to identify it in Tashi.

  • Room Type: Tick the Room, Property, Bed etc. types that you want to apply to your Rate Plan. You can apply to them all or select the specific ones as relevant.

How to set your Rates for each Room, Home, Bed, etc.

Once you’ve created your Rate Plan(s), they become available as an option when editing the Rates for your Rooms, Homes, Beds, etc in the Room Type modal.

To edit Rates, click into the Room, Home, Bed, etc. and go to Room Rates > edit

For a detailed guide on how to set your rates, see our Guide HERE

What it looks like for the Guests

If you’re only offering one Rate via your Booking Engine when the Guest will only be displayed one price that’s available to book.

However, if you’re offering more than one Rate via your Booking Engine, aka you’ve ticked Available in Widget for one than one Rate Plan, then the Guest will be able to select their preferred Rate Plan from the options displayed

Pro Tips 💡:

  1. You can promote specific Rate plans with Promo Text. To learn how, see HERE.

  2. You can choose to display your Rate Plans as a dropdown list or Radio buttons. To learn how to pick your preferred display, see HERE.

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