With Tashi, your guests can use coupons to apply special discounts to a Booking cost as part of the checkout.

Coupons are a great way to drive guests to your business and encourage referrals and repeat purchases.

To start using Tashi's advanced Coupon feature, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Set up your Coupons

  2. Decide how the Coupon field will appear

  3. Review how it looks for the Guest

Set up your Coupons

To access your Coupon manager go to Promote -> Coupons -> Experience Booking -> Create a Coupon.

For each Coupon, you'll add their details and description and choose what Experiences and Rates the Coupon applies to.

Pro Tip 💡: Coupons are set up at the Account level. We'll be adding the ability to set up universal coupons at the business group level shortly. Still, in the meantime, if you want to offer a marketplace-wide coupon across all accounts and experiences, you'll want to create the related Coupon in each Account.

1. Coupon Details

  1. Name: The public name for the Coupon

  2. Code: The internal code for the Coupon

  3. Max Claims: The maximum number of times this Coupon can be claimed.

  4. Discount Amount Type: Is the Coupon for a certain value or %?

  5. Discount Amount Value: What amount or % discount does the Coupon give

  6. Claim start/end period: The start/end period during which this Coupon is claimed. It will be denied if a user tries to use the Coupon outside of these dates.

  7. Experience start/end period: The start/end period during which the applicable Experience booking runs. It will be denied if a user tries to use the Coupon to book an Experience that occurs outside of these dates.

  8. Active: Toggle this on to activate this Coupon.

  9. List publicly: Do you want to showcase this Coupon publicly on the Experience listing? This is a great feature to promote certain dates and motivate Guest booking behaviour.

  10. Position: With 1 being the highest position, you can manually choose how to order how Coupons are listed in your table or when listed publicly.

2. Description

This is your description for a Coupon. If you've chosen to list the Coupon publicly, then this is the description shown publicly.

3. Select Rates

You can selectively choose what Experience Products and Rates the Coupon can be applied to, or you can make it applicable to all by selecting the 'Toggle all' button.

Decide how the Coupon field will appear

To manage how the Coupon field appears on your marketplace, in the CMS, go to Settings -> Experience Bookings -> Coupons

.Your Display Options

  1. Use Coupon Preference: Do you want your Display preferences to apply to all Experiences, or do you want each Vendor to have the choice about how they appear via their Account?

  2. Show Coupons on Experience Page: Toggle this one to enable the Coupon feature on your marketplace.

  3. Show Coupons for authenticated members only: Toggle this on to enable the Coupon feature for logged-in users only. Note: You require the 'User Profiles' Marketplace App installed to utilise this option.

  4. Coupon Form Display Type: You can choose your preference and enter the Coupon form display means. Test each option before selecting your preference.

  5. Coupon Form text options: You can customise the phrases used for the different Coupon form fields. Our default phrase is 'Coupon', but we've found that some users prefer to refer to them as Voucher, Discount Code, or just Code, so we give you a choice to personalise your phrasing.

Review how it will look for the Guests

While deciding on how the Coupon field will look, it's recommended to experiment with the different options and review how each looks for your Guests.

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