Tashi’s optional App, Vendor Profiles, gives your vendors public pages on your marketplace that can serve as landing pages for their services and experiences.

These profiles are searchable, and they can use them to showcase their information, interests, experiences and ratings.

For an example of the public vendor profiles, see here, here and here.

Creating public vendor profiles

To set up a public profile for your Vendor, Supplier or Experience provider, go to Experiences -> Settings-> Experience Vendors - > Create Experience Vendor.

Add and edit a public vendor profile.

You can add description details and more detailed information to a public vendor profile through the editing function.

Where tags are used, you can select multiple tags from our suggested tags and add new ones as you need.

In the article editor used for the ‘About the Vendor’ area, you can add text, images, embed videos, and other advanced formatting options to personalise the profile to suit you and your vendors.

Things to note:

  1. When you or a vendor accounts an Account on your marketplace, this DOES NOT automatically create a public vendor profile for that account. You or the vendor will want to create the public profile separately.

  2. This approach (having separate public vendor profile creation) gives providers more flexibility because you/vendors have complete control of what information is shown in their public profiles and decide if you want to have them or not.

  3. Each account can have multiple Vendor Profiles.

  4. Vendor Profiles can have different names and details from their parent account.

  5. You can not transfer Vendor Profiles between accounts.

Managing the public Vendor Profiles

If you’ve chosen this App, you’ll have a ‘Vendors’ section in your site’s CMS where all created public vendor profiles will be listed.

Vendor profiles will be automatically added to this list as they are created in the App.

After clicking to edit a profile, you'll have editing features such as:

  1. Show on marketplace: decide if you want to publish or un-publish a profile

  2. ‘Show on home page’: display in the Vendor profiles slider, if you have this one

  3. Avg. and Total Rating: you can choose to add an average rating and the total number of ratings to appear on the vendor’s profile page

  4. Sort Order: You can choose the sort order that the Vendor Profile that appears in lists or filtered results.

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