In this article, we'll introduce you to the different styles of experiences marketplace you can have on Tashi.

As you design your marketplace, you'll want to decide what model will suit you best. There are three main categories of marketplaces:

  1. Curated marketplaces

  2. open marketplaces

  3. Sem-curated marketplaces

Curated marketplaces

Curated marketplaces are those where you, the marketplace administrator, decide what vendors and experiences are listed on your site.

  • You may target specific vendors you want to list, or you'll review vendor applications and either accept or reject them.

  • You may have specific criteria to vet vendors as part of this application process.

  • You may also decide when specific listings go Live on your marketplace.

  • Examples include Tashi marketplaces like and

Open marketplaces

Open marketplaces are those where a vendor can self-sign up for a marketplace and publish their listing or experience.

  • They may not require any prior approval from the marketplace admins as long as they pass the minimum security standards and checks.

  • Examples include Airbnb’s and’s accommodation marketplace.

Semi-open marketplaces

Semi-open marketplaces are a mix of both open and curated.

  • Any vendor can sign up to list, but their products are vetted or checked before they are put live to ensure a minimum listing quality.

  • Examples include and Airbnb’s experiences marketplace.

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