With Tashi’s Calendar sync feature, you can keep your property’s availability up to date across all of your Online Travel Agent (OTA) sales channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO etc.

What can you do with Calendar Feeds? 📆

You can export calendar feeds from Tashi and import them into OTAs to ensure that your OTA calendar is up to date. Tashi’s calendar feed will automatically block out the availability in the relevant OTA for dates that have been booked or blocked in Tashi.

Conversely, you can import calendar feeds from OTAs into Tashi to block out the relevant booking dates in your Tashi calendar to prevent double bookings.

Managing your Calendar Feeds ✏️

To manage your Calendar feeds, go to Back Office -> Settings -> Calendar Feeds.

There are three tabs.

  1. Rooms: This is a list of the rooms you’ve set up on Tashi. You can import/export that rooms calendar feed by clicking edit.

  2. Room Types: This is a list of the different Room types you’ve set up on Tashi.

  3. Bookings: This is a list of the blocked out bookings added to Tashi via your imported Calendar Feeds.

Importing your Calendar Feeds ⭐️

You can import calendar fees for a specific room or a room type from the different OTA channels you use. To ensure that the availability is synced, you’ll want to import a calendar feed for each different OTA channel.

To import your Calendar Feeds:

  1. Locate the relevant Room in the Rooms list and click edit

  2. Click ‘Add Link’

  3. In the ‘Title’ field, give the Calendar Feed a name. We recommend the name being the source of the Calendar Feed and the name given to that Room in that source. E.g. Booking.com Double Bedroom 1

  4. Paste the calendar feeds link for that room from your source in the Link field.

  5. Click Save

Pro Tip 💡: We recommend importing different calendar feeds for each room, but we've provided the import by Room Type option as we've come across some calendar feeds that don't specify a particular room or rate plan.

Exporting your Calendar Feeds 🙌

You can export calendar feeds from Tashi for a specific room and import them into different OTA channels that you use.

This will ensure that the OTA’s availability is updated to reflect the availability calendar that you’re maintaining in Tashi.

To export your Calendar Feeds, then:

  1. Locate the relevant Room in the Rooms list and click edit

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the modal to the ‘Export Feeds’ section.

  3. Copy the appropriate Rate Plan link and import it into your OTA channels.

Pro Tip 💡: Different Rates Plans are set up in Tashi for Website /Agent/OTA bookings in the image above. You may want to have a different Rate Plan for each OTA calendar so that you can easily block out availability on a Rate Plan (OTA) by Rate Plan (OTA) basis.

Or, you may have only one Rate Plan, which is fine. If that’s the case, copy the link for your Default Rate Plan.

What’s an Accommodation Rate Plan? See-> HERE.

Not sure how to import/export calendar links

into your different OTA channels? 🔎

Here's a quick video showing you how to find the Import/Export Calendar function in the most popular Accommodation OTAs

For Help Article links on how to do it, click on the relevant link below:

  1. Airbnb

  2. Booking.com

  3. VRBO: Import and VRBO: Export

  4. Tripadvisor

  5. Expedia

If your OTA is not listed above, and/or you’re still not sure how to do it, then we’d recommend asking for customer support from your OTA channel.

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