Follow the 3 steps to connect your Domain URL to your new website in Tashi.

Firstly, go to the page Website -> Settings in Tashi.


Step 1

Add an A Record to your Domain Register via your DNS Settings and ensure that the A record points to the 10 digit number indicated in the Website Domain section.

The steps to follow depend on your domain hosting provider. Click the name of your domain hosting provider below to see the relevant instructions:

If you have a different hosting company you can ask them "How do I add an A Record to my DNS Records" and they should be able to help.

💡Pro Tip: If you're stuck on this step or you have any other questions, just Ask Us.


Step 2

Enter your Website domain in the box indicated


Step 3

Click 'Test Connection' to check if you get the green confirmation message that shows if your connection is correctly set up.


Once you've completed these steps, please allow 24 hours for us to apply a free SSL certificate to your website to make it secure and fully compliant in terms of online standards.

You'll receive a message when you're site is Live!


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