Use filters to view Bookings
Filter by Booking period, status or source and payment status
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Filter your Booking data to find a particular booking or type of booking. Use the filters, in collaboration with the Insights module, to better understand your performance and make better business decisions.

To access your Booking data, go to the Bookings sub-menu from the Front Desk module.

You can filter your Booking data by:

  1. Booking period: View past, current, future or all bookings

  2. Booking status: View your arriving, checked-in, checked-out, cancelled, requested, blocked out and over-bookings.

  3. Payment status: View what Bookings are Due today, Over-due, Paid, Ongoing or Not required.

  4. Booking Source: View your Bookings by Channel source, for example, walk-ins, website, etc. 

Once you have selected your filters, click 'Filter' to view the filtered Booking data.

Print or Export Booking data

  1. Export Booking data to an excel CSV file:  Click the 'CSV' button.

  2. Print Booking data: Click the 'Print' button

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