To manage the room rates, you need to follow the following simple steps:

  1. Log in to your account using your registered email id and password.

  2. Go to the 'Back Office' section and click on the 'Rooms' option.

  3. You will see your list of room types. Choose the one you want to edit by clicking on the the title or the edit icon on the right hand side

4. Here, you can edit your room options, as well as the included/max occupancy, adults, children and infants for your room.

  • The "Included Occupancy" field sets the total number of all guest types that are included in the price of your room. If any more guests are added to the room they will incur the "Extra" charge that you will set up in the steps below.

  • The "Maximum Occupancy" field sets the maximum number of all guest types that can stay in a room.

  • Set the included and maximum occupancy for each guest type as well. If the sum of these are greater than the "Maximum Occupancy" or the "Included occupancy" field the overall field number will be used. For example of you have a included occupancy of 4 and included occupancy 2 adults, 3 children, the third child will be an extra charge.

5.To set the actual rate prices. Select the 'Room Rates' tab, click on the edit button

6. A new dialog box with the following options opens: 'Rates, Stop Sell, Min Stay, and Advanced'. Under ‘Taxes’ you can select if you want to enter your prices including tax, or the base price excluding tax.


Standard rates are your base prices. You can enter the rate for each day of the week.

Special Rates allow you to set your seasonal rates for the festive and peak period. You can add special rates for both any particular day, as well as in repeating intervals. Click the ‘Add Special Rate’ button and scroll down to view and edit it.

Charging for Extra Guests

On each row of your pricing rules you will see "Extra >" after Sunday. Clicl this to reveal the 'Extra Guest Charges' fields. This is the charge per additional guest that is more than the "included occupancy" number of guests you have set for this room type.

8. The next tab is the 'Stop Sell' tab that allows you to block out periods of time for the room type to be unavailable during peak periods. If you want to stop sell days of a week all the time you can do this in the top row.

9. You can add different 'Stop Sell Dates' by clicking on the 'Add Stop Sell rule' button.

'Stop Sell Dates' refers to a time when the room type rooms will be unavailable to be booked.

10. The next tab is for 'Min Stay' and denotes the minimum stay restrictions for revenue management or rate plan services. You can add the dates you'd like to put for minimum stay using this tab. Click on the 'Save' button to continue.

11. The last tab is ‘Advanced’, where you select the appropriate option for each Rate Plan to apply the rules from the current Rate Plan.

12. when you are finished. Click Save to confirm your changes.

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