Before, during or after a Guest's Booking you may want to make a note about them or their Booking for future reference.

For example, a Guest has said that they are interested in learning about future promotions from your business, and you want to remind yourself to send them a promotional coupon after three months.

To create a note for a Guest:

There are two quick ways to create notes for Guests from the top navigation bar.

  1. Use the 'Quick Find' search field; and

  2. Click 'Create' and select 'Note.' 

(a) Enter the related Guest's name in the Quick Find search bar and click their name when it appears.
(b) In their Guest details modal, click the 'Activity' tab.

2. Clicking Create and select Note

Adding the Task Details

To complete the Note for the Guest:

  1. Select the Type of Activity you want to make a note

  2. Enter a Due Date if applicable or leave the date blank.

  3. Enter the Description of this Note and click 'Add Note,' to save it.

This Note will be viewable on this Guest's profile in the future for reference. Keeping notes and information about your guests helps you provide a more personable service if they re-book with you. Explore our Personalisation module to learn more about delivering 5-staff customer service.

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