Business & Finance settings
Step by step guide to setting up your Business and Finance settings.
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Customising you Business & Finance setting is something you should only have to do once.

Here you can enter your hotel's information that will appear on the receipts or invoices you generate for your guests.

To set up or edit the information, go to Back Office / Settings / Business & Finance Setup.

  • Registered Name: Type the name of your hotel.

  • Registration Number: Type the registration number of your hotel.

  • Currency: Choose the main currency you use for your hotel. For instance, if you are from the U.S.A. you can choose USD US Dollar.

  • Enable Multi-curreny Payments:

  • Click "Yes" if you want to accept other currencies in your payments. To choose the exchange rates you want to accept, follow these steps.

  • Click "No" if you don't want to accept other currencies for your hotel.

  • Custom Receipt Name: Choose the name you want to give on your receipt. For example, "Invoice".

  • Deposit (%): If you require guests to make an initial deposit at the beginning of their stay, you can type the percentage of the required deposit.

  • Manage prices excluding tax:

  • Inactive: If you don't want your prices to include taxes.

  • Active: If you want your prices to include taxes.

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