Smart tasks are incredibly useful if there are tasks that must occur daily, weekly or based on bookings, such as paying bills, cleaning a room, etc.

To create an automated task, all you have to do is go to Personalisation / Smart Task.

By clicking on "Smart Task" a box will appear with some examples of smart tasks. Now let's create a new rule for tasks.

Click on the link "New" at the top left. You will see the following settings:

  • Active: If the task is not active, it will not be created automatically.

  • Name: Type the name of the task.

  • Type: Select the type of task.

  • Responsible: Select a user responsible for completing the task.

  • Occurs: Choose the rule that will make the automated task.

  • Before or after an event: This is useful for tasks that occur before or after the guest's stay, such as sending an e-mail confirmation or buying fresh flowers for a room.

  • On days during booking: This is useful for tasks that occur every day, like cleaning rooms or changing sheets.

  • Task Rules: Task rules helps you to set rules for the task. For example, if you want to provide welcome chocolate for kids under the age of 10, you can set up a rule as in the below image.

Once you're happy with the set up of the Smart task, click on the "Save" button.





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